1st Winner – Madang Geden

Product from Yogyakarta, handmade product using 0.8mm brass base material with inlay techniques. Using 2 layers of brass so that the product is more resilient and using aesthetics with two different colors on the inside and outside the plate

– Raw material
– With packaging
– L : 36cm W : 24cm H: 9cm
– +/- USD 55 /pc
1st Winner – Madang Geden
Hall B / No. 146
Manik Yuli Hastuti
Editha Arfcraft
Rp. 800.000
Medang geden Merupakan produk asal Yogyakarta menggunakan bahan dasar kuningan 0,8mm dibuat secara handmade dengan teknik tatah.
Inacraft Award 2023, Metal 2023

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